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Over the last few years, open source web applications have gained real traction on the web. From individuals to small businesses, non-profit organizations to public institutions and large corporate agencies, all across the board a growing number of websites are using open source technologies to turn the gears.

But what works for one, won’t work for all, and quite often the success of your site may depend on that very first decision you make in selecting a right Blog tool and Publishing platform. If you want to create your web application/website with some blog-like functionality, and it would be nice to add things like RSS feeds, maybe a Photo gallery, and maybe some online forms for customers to contact your company reps.
As a small business owner wanting to redesign your online presence and maybe add something like a blog, maybe some more interactive features, and you’d really like to be able to update the content yourself without having to contract out copy-and-paste jobs to the local web boutique. You have high ambitions for the type of features you’re looking for, but are also on a tight budget.

In these scenarios, you’ll likely consider using some open source Blog tool and Publishing platform like WordPress or Drupal - it will get you a head start on implementation and give you close to instant access to advanced functionality. We are here capable to set up and maintain such a powerful Blog tool and Publishing platform for you and specialized in customizing the following open source tools.

  1. Customizing WordPress - is a semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability.
  2. Customizing Drupal - is equipped with a powerful blend of features and supports a variety of websites ranging from personal weblogs to large community-driven websites.
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