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CMS & Customization
Why CMS?
The internet business industry has such a high ability of sniffing the slightest waffle of opportunity and you need to reach your market and provide value while making profit. Yet surprisingly Content Management System (CMS) is just making a splash recently. This is despite the huge advantages it offers in managing website based businesses. If any company wants to increase the content flow without spending lots of money and with less problems then the content management systems are chosen as a way to automate the content gathering and delivery process. Any company or organization will need the CMS if it meets minimum 4 requirements out of the many listed below:
  • The web site of the company is big and there are frequent updates of content or structure
  • The online operation perform personalization
  • Very frequent content integration between the web site and retail outlets, call centers, email newsletters or other channels
  • Company has customers which also contribute to the site
  • One individual has intimate knowledge of the entire site (and others have intimate knowledge over their own sections) so if there is a requirement for changes then it is not possible to change it without the help of a specific individual.
Vanquish Technologies specializes in customizing open source CMSs like Joomla, mambo, osCommerce, Drupal, phpbb and Wordpress. We can customize any of these scripts for you and blend with your existing web site.
We can work with any existing PHP scripts or open source CMS and do:
  • Modification of the core source code
  • Addition of components and modules that are already available
  • Addition of new feature and service to your choice of CMS
  • Development of new components and modules
  • Customization of themes and banners
  • Customization of texts and images
  • Customization of commercial scripts such as x-cart
  • Development of new design/theme/template and integration on the script
Web site template customization in Photoshop (PSD):
  • Slice the Photoshop file as required
  • Change template color scheme
  • Insert custom images
  • Change background
  • Customize navigation menu and buttons
  • Insert your logo
  • Insert and create content pages
  • Develop complete production level web site
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